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10 ways to fail as a Liferay plugin developer

Do you need to write a Liferay plugin and don't know where to start? Should you read some book about Liferay development? Or the website documentation? Ask uncle Google? 
Well, I'm still not sure what is the proper way to start, but I know for sure the worst way. Please, keep reading this article, failure is guaranteed!
10 ways to fail:
* Do not read the website documentation. You don't have time for that. Start right away. The best thing about failing is that it doesn't take a lot of work nor time. Download any bundle and try to install it. If it's as friendly as they say, it'll work. And if you fail at it, you can hate it from the very first minute.
* Do not search in the forums. If you get stuck with something, do not search nor read the forums, be sure that you are the only person in this world that has had this problem before and no one will ever help you with it.
* Test with a nightly build. Since it has all the latest patches, it's the best option, specially if you plan to release your app in the Marketplace. And it is very likely they will include all the patches in the next version of Liferay (or not). So when someone else uses your plugin, it will work for sure. 
* Do not pay attention to the bundle you are reading from in the documentation. If you insist on taking a look at the documentation, do not pay attention to the bundle you are reading from. Why would it be any difference between version 5 and 6 anyway?
* Do not read blogs from Liferay staff. What do they know that you won't learn in a couple of days?
* Read old blogs. If you decide to read blogs, please make sure that they are more than 3 years old. Probably, nothing has changed since then.
* Get mad a Liferay people. If you decide to post questions in the forums, get mad at Liferay people and be rude, because, how is it possible that you can't make something work with your 1-month experience in Liferay? And do not provide details about your Liferay bundle, app server, OS, framework, etc., if they are so smart they will guess it. After all, they are the ones that wrote this nightmare you're getting into. You will also get better responses if you write multiple threads about it.
* Do not take advice from colleagues. Their years of experience with Liferay will be adquired by you in 1 week.
* Do not use portlets from Liferay. Start building your own portlet before even searching for what you need. Create a brand new blogging portlet. Try the complex way, that won't save you time nor money. 
* Report Liferay bugs wildly. If you get stucked the first time you try something, it is not related to your lack of knowledge, there must be a Liferay bug. Report it to JIRA without looking for it first nor reading the bug reporting standards.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a blind Liferay fanatic. I'm fully aware of the difficulties to find the right documentation, the many workarounds when trying to achieve simple things and non-available patches for the CE. I just wanted to get into perspective to get a different point of view. When my colleagues and I started with Liferay development, we made many of the mistakes previously listed, and realized that they didn't help at all. So I thought it would be a good idea to write about all the complains I hear about Liferay, that can be easily solved. 
And by the way, I'm not sitting in judgment; I'm speaking from my little experience. All these steps have been a guide for me to combat failure. And it seems to be working -- maybe it will for you, as well. Anyway, we still have a long way to go.